No Worries - It's a Service

Software as a Service, commonly abbreviated to SaaS, is the best way to deploy your application over the whole company, your travelling staff or agents, and indeed your customers.

SaaS is AnyWhere, AnyTime and AnyOne.

In today's world that means the client machines need have no software except a browser such as MS Internet Explorer or Mozilla and your database is on a Host machine which is usually in a web farm where it is very secure.

This means that you have no deployment, maintenance or administration costs. Training costs are minimal because everyone knows how to use a browser. Your supplier only has one copy of the software to maintain and "no-one" can interfere with the machine.

Bottom Line - It is a very cost-effective option! With very little capital investment!

Which applications are suitable? Any application can be deployed in this way. However communications over the Internet are not as fast as local connections - so leave any high volume data entry applications on your internal LAN or WAN. All the rest can go on the Internet under a SaaS approach.

How to go about it? Just phone us (at 0064 9 585-1580) to discuss your needs - we already have quite a lot of applications and if we do not have the one you want you may be pleasantly surprised at the development costs.

For existing options all up costs are from $395 plus $50 per month!

If your needs are unique then: When your investment is only a few $000's why not just phone us Now!

Solutions to Suit your Pocket!


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